(Glossary)XML feed

An XML feed is an updatable set of structured data used to quickly supply fresh content to the final destination. In most cases, it is a link to a code page in XML language.

It is widely used to import products from e-stores, in particular in CPA marketing.

This type of import can be used to organize the following:

  • E-shopping comparison sites
  • Affiliate e-stores
  • Automatic e-mail notifications with a product description and image
  • Promo sites with product ads
  • In short, any place that requires automating work with a large and frequently updated product feed.

The XML description of a product consists of elements, that is, various tags and their contents. Each element describes a certain product characteristic. For example, the <name></name> tag contains the product name, the <price></price> tag contains the price, the <picture></picture> tag contains a reference to the product image etc. Here is an example of an XML description of sandals at an e-store:

<offer id="844483" available="true">
<name>Paris Commune sandals</name>
<model>Paris Commune 5-506171201</model>
<vendor>Paris Commune</vendor>

Usually one XML document contains a description of many products and is put together by the advertiser.

The website that accepts an XML feed reads the values from the corresponding tags of the feed and substitutes them in its own product feed. Thus, the affiliate website database can have a reference directly to the source and it can update automatically, for example, when the product price or availability changes, or when a new product range appears.

This frees up a lot of time for publishers working with an XML feed, which they would otherwise spend manually adding items to the affiliate store or monitoring changes on the seller’s website.

Admitad enables publishers not only to perform one-time XML downloads of products in the form of a file, but also to connect to the XML feed of a particular store, and even to generate the required feed for categories of stores, categories of products, as well as brands and products within a given price range.