(Glossary)Unique visitor

A unique visitor is a new user who came to the website for the first time and whose IP address, browser, operating system, cookie do not match the data of previous visitors. Otherwise, the user is not considered unique, and the visit is fixed in the statistics as a website impression.

A unique visitor is a unit of traffic volume. The traffic volume is the number of unique visitors of a website for a certain time period. Traffic volume is typically measured over a day or a month. The larger traffic volume is, the more effective and popular the website is considered to be.

To estimate traffic volume, various web analytics services are used. The most famous of them is Google Analytics.

Remember that the number of unique visitors differs from the number of real users who visited the website. One user may be fixed in the statistics as several unique visitors, if he first visits the website from the PC, then from the phone, then clears cookies or installs a new browser. But as it is not possible to calculate the exact number of users, this indicator is considered the most adequate for assessing traffic volume.

The traffic volume is one of the main criteria when selecting partners for cooperation. For example, Admitad has specific requirements for the traffic volume of the advertisers’ who want to launch an affiliate program in our network. You can find them here. If the traffic volime is lower than required, the program will most likely not be popular among publishers, so such applications are usually rejected.

The number of unique visitors determines the effectiveness of publishers’ ad spaces, too. That is easily explained: the more visitors come to the website, the more actions they perform, the higher profit an advertiser gets.

This applies not only to cooperation in the affiliate networks. If an advertiser wants to have their product or service promoted (usually in the form of reviews) on a blog, when choosing a suitable blog, they will also primarily focus on traffic volume, to be sure that the ads will be seen by as many people as possible. And, all things being equal, a blogger with bigger number of visitors will most likely be chosen. In turn, owners of popular websites can set higher prices for advertising, thereby increasing their income.